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Welcome athletes, coaches, and family members! On this page, you will find important information resources for our fitness and wellness programs.

For the 2021 summer and fall seasons, we are excited to offer the Fitness Heptathlon, Fit 5  and SONA Move Challenge!

Fall 2021 Wellness & Fitness Program Models


SONA Move Challenge (September 13 –  November 7)

Registration closes September 5th 

The SONA Move Challenge is an eight-week movement challenge to see how many minutes of exercise participants can complete each week. Participants will have the choice of competing as Individuals, Doubles or Teams. Registration for the SONA Move Challenge opens on August 1.

Download the SONA Move Team Registration Form (submit to by September 5th) & review the Virtual Participant Release Form

Fit 5

The Fit 5 program is based on the three simple goals of exercising 5 days per week, eating 5 total fruits and vegetables per day, and drinking 5 water bottles of water per day. The Fit 5 manual is a great reference for coaches, athletes, and wellness coordinators leading Fit 5 programs this summer, and includes timeline, implementation, data collection, and resources.

Get the Fit 5 Manual (PDF)

Lifestyle Survey

Participants in both the Fitness Heptathlon and Fit 5 will be required to complete the Lifestyle Survey at the beginning and end of your program. The survey will ask you questions about the things that you do to be healthy.

Complete the Lifestyle Survey

Fitness Heptathlon

The Fitness Heptathlon is a seven-week program during which participants will focus on training and challenging themselves, as well as compete against other participants. Participants may select the specific exercises they want to focus on. Registration for the Fitness Heptathlon starts on July 21.

Register for the Summer 2021 Fitness Heptathlon

Learn how to implement and score each of the 20 different exercises possible with the Fitness Heptathlon Guide. The guide is also a great resource to ensure exercises are performed correctly and safely.

Get the Fitness Heptathlon Guide (PDF)


Key Dates

  • Monday, June 21 – Fitness Heptathlon registration opens
  • Tuesday, July 6 – Virtual Coaches Training for summer season starts
  • Monday, July 19 – Summer season starts
  • Friday, July 23 – Fitness Heptathlon registration closes
  • Friday, July 23 – Baseline scores and Lifestyle Surveys due
  • Sunday, August 1 – SONA Move Challenge registration opens
  • Friday, September 3 – Final scores and Lifestyle Surveys due
  • Sunday, September 5 – SONA Move Challenge registration closes
  • Monday, September 13 – SONA Move Challenge begins
  • Sunday, November 7 – SONA Move Challenge ends



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