The sport of athletics encourages athletes of all abilities and ages to compete at their optimum level. Through the track-and-field-based athletics training program, participants can develop total fitness to compete in any sport. As with all Special Olympics sports, athletics offers athletes the opportunity to learn through skill development and competitive settings and to be involved in large social settings. Athletics Programs in Washington State include individual skills, sprints, walking, long distance runs, jumping events, field competitions and more.

Athletics programs and competitions are offered in all 16 of Special Olympics Washington’s areas, and provide opportunities for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Athletics was an event at the first Special Olympics International Games held in Chicago, Illinois in 1968.

Local Community Contacts

Basin Area Director
Tim Toon (Interim Director)

Capitol Area Director
Cheyenne Baird (Interim Director)

Cascade Area Director
Punkie Doyle

Columbia River Area Director
Barry Gill; Elizabeth Francis;

King County Area Director
Chad VanderPoel

North Central Area Director
Tim Toon (Interim Director)

Northeast Area Director
Tim Toon

Peninsula Area Director
Wendy Bonham

Pierce County Area Director
Cheyenne Baird (Interim Director)

Southeast Area Director
Lori Landrus

Tri-Cities Area Director
Donna Tracy

Valley Area Director
Tim McDonald

Walla-Walla Area Director
Tracy Gaines

Upcoming Athletics Events