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A Special Olympics College Club functions as an official club on campus and connects college students and individuals with intellectual disabilities through sport to build friendships and help lead the social justice movement of Special Olympics. Created by college students for college students, the network seeks the membership of campuses that seek the common goals of enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and building a more accepting world for all.

Special Olympics College Club programs are made up of three core elements: Inclusive Sports, Youth Leadership, and opportunities for full campus involvement. Together these components can help students work for and with Special Olympics athletes to help transform school campuses into communities of acceptance and respect. Below are examples of how these components can work in your school:

Inclusive Sports: 

Start a Unified Sports (Link to our Unified Sports Page) team comprised of college students and Special Olympics athletes; or host a local or state level inclusive Special Olympics event.


A Special Olympics College Club functions as a student-led club that is fully recognized by your school; additionally, students should invite local Special Olympics athletes to join their leadership team and help plan events throughout the year.


Host an awareness campaign; or invite students to become Fans in the Stands at local Special Olympics games and cheer on the athletes.

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