Special Olympics softball is an exciting team sport. Athletes can participate in individual skills, coach pitch, or traditional slow-pitch. The softball individual skills competition allows athletes to train and compete in basic softball skills. The development of these key skills is necessary prior to advancing to team competition. These skills include base running, fielding and throwing. A player’s final score is determined by adding up his or her scores in the different events.

As in all Special Olympics sports, athletes are grouped in competition divisions according to ability level, age and gender.

Special Olympics softball was introduced in 1983.

Local Community Contacts

Basin Area Director
Donnie Bagwell

Capitol Area Director
Alysanne Stack (Interim Director)

Cascade Area Director
Punkie Doyle

Columbia River Area Director
Barry Gill; Elizabeth Francis;

King County Area Director
Lindsey Cornish

North Central Area Director
Luke Wall

Northeast Area Director
Brenda Devine

Peninsula Area Director
Wendy Bonham

Pierce County Area Director
Ed Hazel

Southeast Area Director
Lori Landrus

Tri-Cities Area Director
Donna Tracy

Valley Area Director
Tim McDonald

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