Unified Partner Registration

Welcome to the Unified Partner registration page! This page will give you more information on the forms required for 1) current Unified partners whose registration forms have expired and 2) new Unified partners to participate in our in-person programming.

Please Note: If you are signing up to be a Unified partner and do not have a team, contact participation@sowa.org for more information. If you already have a team, please contact your coach for more information on registration for fall season. A special ask: We have a shortage of coaches so if you are interested in coaching and want more information, please contact us at participation@sowa.org.


Steps to becoming a Special Olympics Washington Unified Partner:

  1. Complete registration forms below.
  2. Unified Partners 18 and older are required to complete a background check.
  3. Team placement: You might already have a program/team or need to be placed with one. Please list your program/team’s name or indicate that you need a team on your registration form on the ‘Program/Team’ line.
  4. Connect with coach: We will directly connect you with your coach via email and/or phone so you can get more information on where your first practice will be located!
  5. First practice: Provide your paperwork to your coach before practice or bring it with you to your first practice! Your paperwork is key to your participation.
  6. Have fun and let us know if you have any questions!


The registration packet includes all the items listed below:

  1. Instructional Cover Letter: Includes checklist of the forms within the packet with more information on how to complete the forms and where to send the completed registration packet.
  2. Registration Form (page 1): This form asks for contact and other information. This form also asks for self-reported medical history.
  3. Release Form (page 2): This form goes over risks, use of likenesses, emergency medical care, consent for health program participation, personal information, and other important details.
    • As a reminder, your paperwork will need to be completed every three years from the signature date on your form.

Unified Partner Registration Form in English

Formulario de Registro de Socios Unificados en Español

Unified Partner Background Check

  • Complete the background check online.

If you have any questions, please email participation@sowa.org.