Special Olympics of North America has recently introduced the highly anticipated 2023-2025 U.S. Youth Ambassador class, an extraordinary group of 14 youth leaders who are determined to pave the way for a more inclusive nation. This exceptional cohort comprises young individuals both with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), each one committed to championing the cause of inclusivity for all. Among these inspiring ambassadors, we are incredibly proud to announce that Washington State will be represented by two remarkable young individuals from West Seattle High School: Elizabeth Greene and Isobella McKamey, who have been selected as Unified pairs for this prestigious role. Accompanying them on their journey is the esteemed mentor Rachel Myers, an educator from West Seattle High School.

Elizabeth Greene, U.S. Youth Ambassador               Isobella McKamey, U.S. Youth Ambassador             Rachel Myers, Mentor


In their roles as U.S. Youth Ambassadors, Elizabeth and Isobella, with the guidance of their mentor Rachel Myers, will serve as advocates, storytellers, and role models for Inclusive Youth Leadership across the country. They will travel far and wide, sharing their experiences and stories, while embodying the core values of acceptance and unity. By doing so, they will encourage schools and communities to embrace the principles of inclusivity and strive to create a more accepting and supportive atmosphere for all students, regardless of their abilities.

The Special Olympics’ Unified Champion Schools program aims to revolutionize the educational landscape, integrating sports, leadership, and whole school engagement opportunities for students with and without IDD. Elizabeth, Isobella, and Rachel’s unwavering support and advocacy for this program will undoubtedly reshape its future, ensuring that it continues to empower young people and foster an environment of inclusivity and respect.

Through their efforts, they will not only impact the lives of individuals with IDD but also inspire a whole generation of young minds to embrace the values of unity, compassion, and understanding. By celebrating differences and acknowledging the strengths of each individual, they will contribute to building a society where every person is valued, respected, and included.

Welcome to the team, Elizabeth, Isobella and Rachel! We look forward to witnessing all that you accomplish as strong leaders of the Inclusion Revolution.