Special Olympics Washington recently partnered with EY (Ernst & Young LLC) for an impactful #EYConnectDay on November 3, bringing together EY volunteers and our athletes for a day of mentorship and skill-building.

We extend our thanks to the EY volunteers who dedicated their time and expertise to mentor our athletes. Their contribution goes beyond skills, it highlights EY’s commitment to a better working world, emphasizing diversity and inclusion. This initiative reflects EY’s pride in offering their professionals a chance to apply their skills for a meaningful cause, contributing to a more inclusive Washington State.

Among the inspiring stories from the day, each athlete’s dedication stood out:

Courtney worked diligently, integrating her resume onto LinkedIn, refining her “about me” statement, and compiling compelling statements about her volunteer work. Alongside her father and two EY volunteers, they continued their collaborative efforts after lunch, showcasing remarkable dedication to achieving their goals.

Maverick (Marcia), currently employed in Amazon Fulfillment, focused on refining her resume and honing job interview skills. A snapshot taken during the day, with the EY yellow in the background, now graces her resume—a subtle acknowledgment of the impactful collaboration with EY.

When reflecting back on the experience, Maverick had some advice for her fellow athletes, advice that all of us could benefit from!

“If you are worried about the workforce and are unsure what to do, don't hesitate to reach out about resume and interviewing. Everyone has something to offer, and the more resources you have, the more confident you will be in not only getting a job, but also in life!”

Spenser engaged in insightful conversations with his EY mentors about Special Olympics and ways to enhance the organization for athletes like himself. Known for his humor and ultra-competitive spirit, Spenser’s interactions with EY volunteers added vibrant energy to the day.

Events like #EYConnectDay exemplify the profound impact that inclusion and teamwork can have on individuals and communities. These gatherings not only celebrate the achievements of athletes but also inspire everyone involved to recognize and support each other’s potential. As Matt Alexander, Principal at EY, expressed:

"#EYConnectDay shows the power of inclusion and teamwork. It's inspiring to see the athletes' progress and how we can help. This day is just the start of our continued support for everyone's potential."

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to both the athletes and EY volunteers for their dedication and contributions to this transformative day.

The collaboration between Special Olympics Washington and EY extends beyond a single day. It represents a shared commitment to fostering a more inclusive community. As we celebrate the success of #EYConnectDay, we look forward to future initiatives that empower individuals with intellectual disabilities to reach their full potential.

Join us in creating a world where every individual, regardless of ability, is given the support and opportunities they deserve.