Anacortes Dash and Splash

Seafarer Park

1:00 am - 6:00 am

Date: March 11, 2017
Location: Seafarers Park, Anacortes

What’s cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!

This winter, take your support of Special Olympics to new depths by signing up for one of the coolest events of the 2017. Whether you’re looking to dip your toes or make a big splash, you’ll be a true Below Zero Hero in the lives of the Special Olympic Athletes you’ll be supporting!

You only need to raise $50 to plunge, $25 to run, and $65 to Dash and Splash. That’s it. But why stop there? Every dollar raised, whether $75, $150, $500, or $1000, makes a difference in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities right here in Washington. And that’s a really cool thing.

Challenge yourself for charity and join us in Freezin’ for a Reason.

Pledge. Plunge. Party.


Utilizing Social Media
Team Building 101
Plunger Tool Kit
6 Steps to Getting Started
Additional Ways to Fundraise
First Timer Tips
Getting Started Quick Tips


For more information about events and sponsorship, please email Chris Roof