Ten schools, seven school districts and 33 teams from across Washington State made their way to Liberty High School in Renton on Nov. 12 with their robots and sheer determination in tow, ready to leave it all out on the battlefield at this year’s Unified Robotics Championship.

(Photo/Andrew LaPrade)

Marking the culmination of the 2023 Unified Robotics season, the event consisted of teams competing in a tournament for a game called Buccaneer. This game allowed competitors to showcase their impressive technical skills and abilities.


“A new school was having trouble with their robot, and it wasn’t moving when they showed up to competition,” said Mandy Schumacher, manager of Unified Sports at Special Olympics Washington. “With the help of other Unified Robotics teams, they were able to get their code working and their robot successfully competing for the rest of the competition. They were able to have a great first experience due to the support of the Unified Robotics community and perseverance of their team.”

(Photo/Andrew LaPrade)

Whether it was by cheering on their competitors, putting forth their best effort for their teammates or even helping another team get their code working, the Unified Robotics community perfectly showcased what it means to value sportsmanship and be brave in the attempt.


We are so proud of everything these 33 teams accomplished at this year’s Unified Robotics Championship. Congratulations, competitors!