Tacoma Bowling Tournament
10/28/2016 @ 11:15 pm

10/29/2016 @ 8:00 am

Pacific Lanes

bowling-1Join us for an exciting day of bowling and sportsmanship in Tacoma! This event is taking place in multiple shifts so make sure you double check when you or your team are playing.

Day Schedule:

Team Registration Begins- 6:45 am
Coaches Meeting- 7:00 am
Volunteer Training- 7:15 am
Opening Ceremonies- 7:30 am


Warm Up- 7:45 am
Begin Competition- 8:00 am
End- 10:15 am


Warm Up- 10:30 am
Begin Competition- 10:45 am
End- 1:00 pm


Warm Up- 1:15 pm
Begin Competition- 1:30 pm
End- 3:45 pm
** This is a loose time schedule meaning as soon as one shift ends, another will begin. Athletes need to arrive early to ensure they will not miss their assigned shift.**

Shift Notes:

1st Shift- UNIFIED DOUBLES, UNIFIED TEAMS AND TEAMS. These divisions are indicated by all numbers in the 100’s.
2nd Shift– REMAINING TEAMS, RAMP BOWLERS AND SINGLES. These divisions are indicated by all numbers in the 200’s
3rd Shift- REMAINING SINGLES AND TEAM DOUBLES. These divisions are indicated by all numbers in the 300’s.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We love our volunteers! Without our awesome volunteers putting in their time and energy, we wouldn’t be able to put on these events. We would love to have you be a part of our incredible team who help run this competition!

Volunteer Information

Event Notes:

FOOD: No Lunches or Water will be provided at this tournament. Please inform your athletes and parents the snack bar will be open.
NAME TAGS: Please turn in NAME TAGS of those athletes who are not bowling (Scratches) to Karen Stumpf
A.S.A.P. before the shift begins. We need to remove their names from the automatic scoring system before we can begin bowling.
AWARDS: Will be presented shortly after each bowler finishes. Athletes should stay by their lanes until someone comes to award them on the lanes.
RAMP BOWLERS: Please bring your own ramps. Coaches are not allowed down on the lanes. However, it is appropriate for chaperones and assistants to be on the lanes with these athletes.
FOUL LINES WILL BE ON. If an athlete touches or crosses the line upon delivery of the ball, the ball will be scored as a “zero”.
*Coaches and parents are NOT ALLOWED IN COMPETITION AREA, which includes the walkway behind the lanes. This is per SPECIAL OLYMPICS RULES. Please stay behind this area, and please keep the stairs clear at all times. Parents and coaches are encouraged to be supportive of their athletes, but reminded that “coaching” is prohibited while athletes are competing.


Bowling Codes
Bowling Rules

Contact: Mandy Schumacher