Reporting and Liaison Surveys Webinar for Unified Schools


9:00 am - 10:00 am

Each year, SOWA requires Unified School Liaisons to complete a mid-year report, final report, and a Liaison Survey. These surveys provide SOWA and SONA with valuable information on grassroots programming and the number of students impacted by your programming. Reporting also keeps SOWA in good standing with the Department of Education allows us to continue to receive funding. Join this webinar to go through how to report, the importance of reporting, data collected by past reports, and incentives your school will receive when you participate.

Through webinars, Special Olympics Washington will provide consistent on-going training and awareness of Special Olympics programs for schools and students. You are encouraged to join the conversation in real time to share your knowledge and ask questions, however we realize timeframes will not work for everyone so each webinar will also be recorded for viewing later! You may click on each Webinar name to register now and save the date!