Healthy Athletes Health Promotion Screening

Mirabeau Park Hotel and Convention Center

9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Health Promotion interviews athletes to assess their health habits, and conducts health screenings in three key areas: BMI– body mass index based on height and weight, BP – blood pressure, and BMD – bone mineral density. Through interactive educational tools and literature, SOWA athletes will learn the importance of nutrition, hydration, sun safety, hand washing and tobacco avoidance.

Screenings are FREE to all Special Olympics athletes, regardless of participation in Regional Competition.

Healthy Athletes is a Special Olympics program that provides free health examinations in a fun, welcoming environment that removes the anxiety and trepidation people with intellectual disabilities often experience when faced with a visit to a medical professional. The Healthy Athletes screening is open to all Special Olympics athletes.

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We Need Volunteers!

SOWA is seeking clinical, public health professionals, wellness professionals, and students to assist in FREE screenings and education stations. Register here!


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