Athlete Registration

Welcome to the Athlete Registration page! This page will give you more information on the forms required for 1) current athletes whose registration forms have expired and 2) new athletes to participate in our in-person programming.

For the latest updates on how we’re safely returning to in-person trainings, competitions and events please visit our Return to Activities page.

If you need support with registration forms, want to request a hard copy of the registration forms or have questions about anything else related to your participation in Special Olympics Washington, please email


Steps to becoming a Special Olympics Washington Athlete:

  1. Complete the registration packet below, plus any supplemental forms.
  2. Team placement: You might already have a program/team or need to be placed with one. Please list your program/team’s name or indicate that you need a team on your registration form on the ‘Program/Team’ line.
  3. Connect with a coach: We will directly connect you with your coach via email and/or phone so you can get more information on where your first practice will be located!
  4. First practice: Be sure to provide your paperwork to your coach before practice or bring it with you to your first practice! Your paperwork is key to your participation.
  5. Have fun and let us know if you have any questions!


The registration packet includes all the items listed below:

  1. Instructional Cover Letter: Includes a checklist of the forms within the packet and more information on how to complete the forms and where to send the completed registration packet.
  2. Athlete Registration Form (page 1): This form asks for contact and other important information.
  3. Athlete Medical Form (page 2-4): This form asks for medical history and requires a doctor’s exam or physical.
  4. Athlete Release Form (page 5): This form goes over risks, use of likenesses, emergency medical care, consent for health program participation, personal information, and other important details.


The revised medical form collects information in two parts:

  1. The Health History is the first two pages and is completed by the athlete, parent or guardian prior to the exam. The health history is important for two reasons: (a) to have medical information on hand during training and competition, in case of a medical emergency; and (b) to ensure that the physician is informed of the athlete’s health history when performing the exam.
  2. The Medical Exam is the third page and is completed by a licensed health professional who is qualified to conduct physical exams and prescribe medications. The medical exam page indicates if the athlete has been cleared by a health professional to participate in Special Olympics sports. If an athlete requires further examination due to a concerning health issue before clearance can be determined, a referral form is available on the fourth page. Customization of this form is not permitted.

If you need more information or guidance on how to complete the medical form, you can find that here.




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Medical Referral Form

This form should only be completed if physician does not clear athlete in the initial medical exam and indicates further evaluation is required. Athlete should bring Athlete Registration Form that was completed by their primary care doctor to the specialist for review. The Athlete Registration Form and the Medical Referral Form are both required and must be signed and submitted to your coach.

Atlanto-Axial Instability (AAI) Special Release Form

This form should only be completed if symptoms of spinal cord compression or Atlanto-axial instability were found in a pre-participation examination and a doctor then provided clearance for participation following a neurological evaluation on page 4 of the medical form.

Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form

The Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form (formerly called the Religious Objections Form) should only be completed if an athlete or legal guardian does not consent to emergency medical care on religious or other grounds and has marked the box under the Emergency Care provision on the Athlete Release Form.

  • Medical Care Refusal – Athlete Signature (PDF): English  | Spanish
  • Medical Care Refusal – Parent/Guardian Signature (PDF):  EnglishSpanish

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