Dave Lenox
President & CEO

Molly Anderson
Front Desk

Tyler Bjork
Sr. Manager, King County Region

Mary Do
AVP, Philanthropy

Alice Friess
Board Liaison & King County Region Coordinator

Joe Hampson
VP Sports and Community Outreach

Marisue Harves
Community Outreach Office Assistant

Louise Hoyt
Raffle Accountant

Justin Kautz
Sr. Manager, Northwest Region

Morgan Larche
Director, Local Program Development

Cheryl Matheny
Staff Accountant

Chara McElfish
Director of Program Initiatives

Meryl Newman 
Director of Finance

Kendyll Opel
Marketing Coordinator

Stephen Opland
Sr. Manager, East Region

Jennifer Palmer
Sr. Manager, Southwest Region

Mandy Schumacher
Sr. Manager, Sports Outreach

Aimee Sheridan 
VP of Philanthropy

Jennifer Suniga
Director, Campaigns

Elise Tinseth
Volunteer and Programs Manager

Simon Van Giesen
Front Desk

Rhonda Watt
Donor Relationship Manager

Dan Wartelle
VP of Communications

Diana Weber
Sports Operations and Data Manager