Inclusive Youth Leadership and Advocacy provides students with and without intellectual disabilities opportunities to take on leadership roles to promote Unified Schools activities in the school and in the community.

An Inclusive Youth Leader believes that people of all abilities can participate in leadership opportunities. This leader sees each peer first as a person, someone who can be part of the team if the team supports his or her leadership growth. Inclusive Youth Leaders pave the path for their fellow students, recognizing that their peers with intellectual disabilities have the potential to be phenomenal leaders, just like their peers without intellectual disabilities.


Opportunities for Inclusive Youth Leadership in Washington State:

Area Youth Activation Committees (Area YAC): Join students from schools in your Area  to learn about Unified Sports and Inclusive Youth Leadership, while having fun and discussing ways to increase school inclusion in all schools! Meet others who are passionate about disability awareness and inclusion. This is an opportunity to get started or learn new ideas to continue your momentum.

Unified Champion Youth Leader

As a Unified Champion Youth Leader, your mission this school year will be to advocate for respect and inclusion, engage in and promote Special Olympics’ activities, and provide opportunities to all people regardless of their abilities. As you educate, motivate, and empower others to become agents of change in your school and the community, you will be leaving a lasting impact. Any student can be a leader.

Unified Champion Youth Leader

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Unified Schools Club: A Unified Schools Club is a chartered club within a school for students with and without intellectual disabilities that comes together for sports, games, community service, school events, and most of all, to have fun! Unity Clubs can be organized in elementary, middle schools, and high schools.

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