The #InclusionRevolution is here. Get Ready.


Inclusive Youth Leadership and Advocacy provides students with and without intellectual disabilities opportunities to take on leadership roles to promote Unified Schools activities in the school and in the community.

An Inclusive Youth Leader believes that people of all abilities can participate in leadership opportunities. This leader sees each peer first as a person, someone who can be part of the team if the team supports his or her leadership growth. Inclusive Youth Leaders pave the path for their fellow students, recognizing that their peers with intellectual disabilities have the potential to be phenomenal leaders, just like their peers without intellectual disabilities.


Opportunities for Inclusive Youth Leadership in Washington State:

Unified Clubs:

Unified Clubs are inclusive school-based clubs (K-12 and College) which are youth-led and youth-drive. Unified Clubs focus on acceptance and inclusion through sports, social interaction, recreational opportunities, school activities, and supporting the Unified Programs on campus! The goals are simple: build student character, increase acceptance, develop leadership skills, and enhance your school community!


State Youth Activation Committee:

The State Youth Activation Committee (YAC) is about activating youth to promote school communities where all young people are agents of change – fostering respect, dignity and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities. Most importantly the goal is to be advocates for inclusion and HAVE FUN doing it! State YAC is a group of middle school, high school and college students with and without intellectual disabilities who support Unified programs including – Unified Sports, Spread the Word To End The Word, Unified Summits, and State & Area Sports Competitions. State YAC members develop strategies, lead initiatives, and organize events that promote the respect, inclusion, and acceptance of all people, regardless of abilities. The State Youth Activation Committee is a committee of YAC members representing schools from across the state.

State YAC Application:

Apply Here
Peer Recommendation Form
Adult Recommendation Form

We are currently seeking applications from Unified Pairs in middle/high school/college for the entire state for the 2018-2019 school year. Students must apply as a Unified Pair (a person with and without an intellectual disability), along with an adult mentor, and attend the same school. Applications are due by October 1st, 2018 with official acceptance by October 15th. Terms last for one year with the opportunity to recommit each year up to 3 years total.

More Information:

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