Welcome, Athletes!


Opportunities to Lead

  • Volunteering at area, regional, or state competitions and events
  • Serving as a Team Captain
  • Greeting attendees at events
  • Public speaking as an Athlete Ambassador*
  • Helping with social media for your Area
  • Taking pictures at events
  • Being an Assistant or Head Coach*
  • Serving on your Area’s Athlete Input Council*
  • Serving on Area Leadership Teams or SOWA Board of Directors

*Formal training required.

Contact your Area’s Athlete Leadership Liaison or call 206-681-9364 to sign up.


Training Workshops Available:

Introduction to Athlete Leadership
Never volunteered before? Athletes who have never stepped out of training & competition who want to begin to lead start here. Learn about all the ways you can lead, assess your skills and interest, and make a plan for how you’ll being serving as an Athlete Leader. Athletes attend this full day workshop with a mentor who can support Athlete Leaders after the workshop in areas they identify together.

Athletes attend this full day workshop with a mentor who can commit to mentoring the athlete in topics such as public speaking, networking, and representing SOWA at events. Athletes develop and practice speeches and are added to the list of Ambassadors invited to speak at events in their Area and around the state.

Are you passionate about improving SOWA programming? Do you enjoy meeting new people and asking them about their experiences? Interested in working in small groups to address new ideas and improvements? The Governance workshop prepares athletes to work on Athlete Input Councils and other committees. Group dynamics and communication skills are discussed and athletes practice working together. Board, staff, and volunteer roles are examined and athletes learn how to make their voice heard in the SOWA Area & State structure.

More workshops coming soon!

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